Our not so good experience with Rabel Systems fabricator Glasswood Polis 🙁

This is how it could look everywhere. We are happy with one room which has been finished. We enjoy the nice design of RABEL but we are unhappy with their partners and how the partners treat their customers. Also we’re not happy that RABEL SYSTEMS doesn’t take a little bit responsibility for their partners they recommend.

We are a European family from GERMANY and POLAND and have been living in Cyprus now for 10 years. So far we haven’t had any problems and have made many international friends.

We just LOVE CYPRUS!!! 

But what is happening to us just right now, we could never have imagined before and we are also not used to:

Update 21.01.2021: Rabel Systems has send us a letter from a lawyer complaining about the video we made public in November showing our situation. They want us to delete the video and they want us to stop telling our experience.

You can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9BRkB7cz2E

On this video you can see how we are still living right now!  Sadly, Nothing has changed. Six months ago we paid 27.000 Euro to a Rabel Systems fabricator ordering Rabel Super Slim Thermal windows. Until now we still don’t have all our windows installed.

Anyway: We will NOT DELETE this video and will not allow they will put further psychological and emotional pressure on us from not doing so! We have the personal feeling that both parties act with intent to punish us because we made the video public.

Both parties know since a couple of month now in which situation we are living and just accepting it. Rabel Systems responded in the last mail “We do not want to engage any further!” even if we replied after this mail but didn’t get any answer at all!

If they want to solve the problem they should just deliver the windows we paid for instead of putting effort in trying to stop us from sharing our real experience and making our real and true story public!


If you want to understand why we are very unhappy living in a house without windows  and why we think Rabel Systems  has a little bit responsibility for their partners and customers you can read further. 

Rabel Systems produce aluminium window frames like Rabel 50, 62 and 3800. A very nice aluminum frame system for windows when it is installed correctly. Rabel’s main office is located in Nicosia but they also have showrooms in Paphos and Limassol.

They have a nice website showing all “Rabel Projects” (done by fabricators). They have a couple of partners ( again fabricators) who are doing the final installation of their products. Rabel is helping customers to design the project (they have several project managers), finding the right partner and helping in choosing the right windows for your project.


Why we are writing this personal review?
We don’t want that other people make the same mistakes we did
or have the same expectations we had and spending  for those expectations a lot of money!


You should understand:
RABEL itself is saying they only take responsibility for the part that belongs to them. The only one to blame when something goes wrong with the project (i.e. no windows installed after paying money, quality of installation, etc) is the fabricator/ partner even if they recommend them on their website (and still do) as so called “gold partners”. 

We made a decision to choose one “gold partner” they recommended us because we wanted to get the best for our money.

There is an statement from a project manager at RABEL.  He is making it very clear to everbody. Quote.

“Unfortunately the final product is usually delivered by a subcontractor and not the System company, in this case Rabel which you cannot blame due to the failure of the subcontractor. Imagine blaming timber company which delivers timber to the carpenter because the carpenter failed to produce the final product as he promised OR blaming a brick company because the wall is incomplete and not delivered on time.”


This is an RABEL 50 Slim Super Thermal sliding window installed in our house. How can a super thermal window has a gap of 3×3 cm and is not closing and sealing right? Why Rabel is recommending partners on their website (and they still do) which are delivering this kind of work or taking money from consumers without delivering windows? We don’t know!

This is from our point of view a very creative interpretation when a project manager assist you to find the right partner and helping in planing a project at a RABEL showroom together with you. 🙂

But when you have problems they just have nothing to do with it at all and it is not “a Rabel project” anymore and their is only the recommend fabricator to blame? We don’t really get the point. We paid a lot of money and the fabricator is not delivering the windows and now Rabel has nothing to do with it?

Anyway: We think there is a difference between bricks and wood and a professional window system.

Also the fabricator they are recommending should be capable of fulfilling the job in a professional way and should have the knowledge how to assemble the modern thermal windows correctly.

This is the minimum we would expect.

Somebody needs to take responsibility for that!





This is our real experience with communicating with Rabel and Glasswood Innovations Polis until now:


  • Sadly, this is more the reality. These are some of the openings. Behind we have a very expensive wooden floor. As you can see in our video the water is entering and damage the cement floor and wood deck. We tried to protect the big openings against storms and rains with this construction. .

    May/June 2020: We decided to exchange our old windows and chose the new Rabel Super Slim Thermal 50 System. The offer was prepared by Rabel showroom in Paphos. They recommended their “gold partner” Glasswood Innovations in Polis to carry out the installation. We were really happy with the service we received. The staff at this time was just excellent, professional and very helpful! (Thank you!!!)

  • July 2020: We paid the amount 27.000 Euro in advance for the whole project. Glasswood Innovations Polis promised to finish the job by the end of September. They ensured us we can trust them because everybody in the region knows them.
  • August / September 2020: After we paid all the money we got some windows installed. But not all. Some of them had no locks or handles and some of them had no glasses, just frames. Glasswood admitted they have some problems and need another month. We thought – okay, no worries – it takes a while. In September the weather was very warm so you are more relaxed of any possible side effect.
  • October 2020: We were very patient and communicated a lot with Glasswood, but nothing happened except of new excuses: “Parts are missing for some windows”, the “glass factory doesn’t like small jobs”, the “workers in the factory are making mistakes” and at the end: “this is a small job, we have bigger jobs to do”. Maybe 1-2 smaller things got delivered. 
  • November 2020: The weather finally got worse, we were already 2 month behind schedule –  so desperately we sent an email to RABEL asking for help. You can read our first email to RABEL further down. RABEL replied at the same day saying we should wait another month – the fabricator made a new commitment to finish the job by the end of November.

We thought: If they are so busy they should not agree to carry out this project and promise to finish it until September. It was not acceptable for us to wait again another month living without windows with big openings in the walls when the rainy season starts.
We paid a lot of money and expected also a professional way of installation. That’s why we wrote the same day another mail to  RABEL (see below)  to find a better solution. 

But sadly RABEL didn’t reply anymore and just ignored this email. 🙁


  • Mid November 2020: The first hailstorm approached our house and flooded some of the rooms. A few days later Glasswood came to measure some openings (what they already did many, many times before) but didn’t deliver even ONE window (crazy!). Slowly we got the feeling that they don’t take this job seriously.

    We made a video (Rabel Cyprus Fabricator Windows – Heavy rain) of the situation and send it to RABEL (see below). 
    We explained them that we are not angry with Rabel itself but we expected more impact on their partner. We hoped our video will help Rabel to understand the conditions we are living and better judge the situation.

    Yes, we got an answer.They replied to us that we are ungrateful and they don’t want to engage any further. We replied them but again we didn’t got any answer the second time. 🙁

  • December 2020: Nobody came to finish the job. The timeframe committed from Rabel and his fabricator to finish the project by end of November passed away as many others before. Rabel twice didn’t now replied to our last mail, no help was given to finally solve the problem – just phrases with passed deadlines.  🙁 There was no communication at all. The fabricator Glasswood has our money, the weather got worse and we still don’t have the windows. Our friends recommended to use a lawyer to send them a final letter. But we wanted to find a better way without lawyers so we asked for help our local muchtar of our village. He called them and the fabricator promised him to finish most of the job “by the end of next week“. The reason for the delay is that some manufacturer (RABEL? GLASS?) can not provide the material yet they told him. We waited, they didn’t appear at our house by the end of week and also stopped answering the phone when the muchtar called them several times in December 2020. 
  • January 2021: After 6 months they still have our money, but we don’t have all the windows we ordered. The last couple of months we can not proceed with our normal life. This was the first time I was not able to celebrate Christmas with my family abroad. It is not possible to leave the house because of all this openings and all the time we are afraid that something is stolen. It is hard to heat the house when you have no windows. We have the personal feeling that both parties act with intent to punish us because we made this public. Both parties know since a couple of moths in which situation we are living. We already paid all the money for all the windows we ordered. To clearly quote the last mail we received from Rabel: “We do not want to engage any further”. 


We think Rabel Systems should take a litte bit more responsibility. Why?

This is another opening in our bedroom. It looks on the picture like there is a window in place but there isn’t. It is just an aluminium frame they installed already in August. Without glass. Not very funny!

The customer/consumer makes his decision based on the products in the showroom, the website and with help of the Rabel project managers.  The customer expects that he will receive the products the same quality and in a professional way, especially when RABEL is promoting the fabricator as a „Gold Partner“ and the windows as “Super Thermal”. The partner should have the material and especially the trained knowledge to finish the work in a professional way.

We haven’t even talked yet about the quality of the installation which is not the best. How can they sell windows through a subcontractor who maybe doesn’t have the knowledge or is not capable of installing thermal windows? 

Conclusion: It seems that they are now unhappy that we made this public, showing the video, asking for help and sharing our experience with other people on the Internet. That’s maybe the reason why we still don’t have our windows we paid for nor our money back.

But it should be clear that both parties know in which situation we are living now since we send our video end of November 2020 to Rabel. Both companies are just accepting it.  (Quote: “We don not want to engage any further” and that we are “ungrateful“). 


We ONLY WANT OUR WINDOWS we paid for – nothing more! We don’t want to live in a house without windows.
And we want them installed in a way how they are supposed to be installed (“thermal windows”)!




We really want to say


to all the people who support us, especially the Muhtar of Peristerona Andreas, Elias the Muhtar from Steni who tried to communicate with the fabricator, Brian, Iris and Stella, our neighbors, families and friends in the community of Polis Latchi area, who all supported us and tried to find a solution with us.


If you want to support us or your want share you thoughts on our situation don’t hesitate to comment on this blog (below), on Google or Youtube.


We greatly appreciate your support and we’ll be happy hearing from you even if you have another opinion then we!




For everybody who wants to get deeper into it, this is the mail conversation we had with Rabel Systems until now:

Everybody should judge for themself what to do with it. We respect privacy! Our german lawyer told us it is okay to publish this email conversation because there is a public interest (german/EU law) when a customer is contacting a company in a business matter and no business secrets are shared.

We comply with all rules from The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and DSVGO so names are crossed for privacy reason.

On 3.11.2020 we wrote the following:

Dear XXX,

(…) Maybe you  still remember us. We visited you a few years ago in your office in Nicosia.  We are very sorry to disturb you but we are a little bit desperate:

In July we ordered RABEL windows. The offer was prepared  by your former employee XXX from your Paphos showroom and we decided for your gold partner Glasswood in Polis. We worked together with XXX but we had to pause the project because we wanted to exchange the windows first. (…)

Anyway: The project has not been finished yet. We were very patient and communicated a lot with Glaswood but now we are at the point that nothing is proceeding. After 4 months of living in a construction site we are still waiting for seven windows, have holes in the walls and it’s going to rain. And every day we hear a new excuse:  Parts are missing for some windows, the glass factory doesn’t like small jobs, the workers in the factory are making mistakes… and at the end: “this is a small job, we have big jobs to do“. We don’t know what to do now!

We decided for RABEL because we trusted your company and liked the products very much. But we are very disappointed. We chose  Glasswood because you recommend them on your website as a Gold Partner. And now they don’t even finish the job. We have never ever thought that we will still live without windows when the winter is coming and it’s starting to rain.We hope you can help us in this situation. We don’t want to wait anymore and listen to any new excuses, we don’t want to have any damages to our house caused by rain.  We also want to proceed with our project (…).


With this mail we want to give you the possibility to tell us your point of view about this situation.

Is this what other people can also expect when making the decision to buy RABEL windows?

We’ve attached a document with all missing windows. We could also prepare a video from the situation so you can better imagine in what conditions we are living. We would then provide you the link to YouTube after uploading.

Please let us know as soon as possible.
You can reach us by mail or telephone (…)
Thank you.


On the same day we got a reply that surprised us a little. After all this waiting time we should wait another month knowing that the weather conditions can change and there was no explanation or reason for further delays. Also the fabricator promised so many times to finish by “end of the week” and “end of the month” and “end of September” that we didn’t trust him anymore.


I have just talked to the fabricator. He committed to have everything finished by the end of this month the latest. In case there are any further delays let me know.


Best regards



We send another email on the same day explaining our concerns. 

Hello Mr. XXX,

I don’t know what the fabricator was telling you, but we know that he can make very nice stories. Phrases like “by the end of the week” and “by the end of the month” or “all the glasses are here” or “everythings is ready”  we’ve heard already many times. Last week  we were also waiting on appointed days for his workers to come and finish the job, but nobody came, nobody called, nothing happened.

And now we should wait until December?

What is the problem in providing glasses for frames which are already in place and why should it take another 4 weeks? Everything was promised to be finished by the end of September the latest. We were waiting patiently one month longer and now we should wait for another one? This can not be the solution!

This is not only unprofessional, this is really respectless to the customer. We don’t understand how Rabel can accept this answer from the fabricator. Four months was really enough time to complete the job. We cannot wait another month.

We ask you again: Please try to find a good solution which is acceptable for both sides.


RABEL didn’t reply anymore 🙁  They just ignored our last email.  

2 weeks later the first hailstorm approached our house and flooded some of the rooms. A few days later the fabricator came to measure some openings (what they already did many, many times before) but didn’t deliver even ONE window.

We made a video of the situation and send it to Rabel. We hoped they will understand that we cannot live in this conditions any longer and will put more pressure on their subcontractor to finish the project.

After 2 weeks that nothing happened,  on Wednesday the workers of your fabricator came to MEASURE THE WINDOWS. They did it already one and two and six months ago…

We were really shocked about your previous email telling us we should wait another month, knowing that the rainy season in Cyprus is just starting. But ignoring our second email when we were asking  to find a solution is giving us a really awful picture of what is going on.

When we met you in your office we had the impression that you are an honest person, not only caring about selling products but also about customers’ satisfaction and quality of the installation, with no exception how big the project is. Obviously we were completely wrong.

Maybe you don’t know how it is to live in a house without windows during thunderstorms.

Have a look on this Youtube Video we uploaded :


We got an answer on the same day. The beginning of the reply was nice and completely acceptable. That would be an answer in good faith. – But the last words were shocking us knowing they trying to send us message that we are now alone with the problem. 

Dear Mr. Timo,
Rabel has responded immediately to your request and has done what was possible to be done. The only reason that the fabricator has responded is because we have applied pressure on him. You need to understand that the market is running 130% above the fabricators capacity. I can understand your anger but Rabel is not the one you should be blaming for this situation.
As far as we are concerned we have done what needed /could be done.

Given your ungrateful response we do not want to engage any further.

Best regards



This was the last email we received from Rabel.

Anyway, we replied to this mail telling them we wait until the end of this month but knowing that more likely nothing will be happening:



We are not angry about you in general but it is wrong if you think you don’t have any responsibility and shift the responsibility to the fabricator.

Customers shouldn’t need to take care which fabricator they are choosing. They make a decision based on the products in the showroom and they expect that the work will be carried out in a quality way following the brand philosophy.  If you think you don’t need to take any responsibility for partners you recommend or the quality of installation they are doing this is a really different philosophy of doing business that we are not used to.

You don’t want to engage anymore – it’s your decision and responsibility as Rabel. You got all the information from us that was necessary to judge the situation and find a good solution.

We are waiting again until the end of this month. And if again nothing happens we really don’t have other possibilities but to engage us further using all possible ways. It is important for us that other people will not make the same mistakes we did.

Best regards,



 But didn’t get any answer the second time. The new “committed time frame of the end of November” also expired without any installed window, phone call, help or explanation.


It’s 20. January 2021.
We still don’t have our windows we paid for six months ago.

The fabricator didn’t contact us the last two month. The only thing they put effort in is sending us letters from lawyers trying to stop us from publishing this instead of just delivering our windows we paid for. 







What is Rabel producing in Cyprus?

  • Rabel Slim Windows
  • Aluminium Frames
  • Thermal Glasses
  • Rabel 60, Rabel 62 and Rabel 50
  • Super Slim Thermal Slider

Where can I get more information about Rabel Systems in Cyprus?

You can visit Rabel Cyprus information page to get more information about the products, windows and service of this company. .

Aluminium WindowsSuper Slim Thermal

Rabel 50 60Rabel 3800