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Faulty serial ports?

Hello I recently bought few Wemos D1 mini devices from the webshop. That's for (Bestellnummer #986124)  Six in total.
While I'm using devices based on ESP8266 for long time, from various vendors (including , this time I'm facing serious issues to program - flash these devices.
Arduino IDE prompts with the following message:
"PermissionError(13, 'A device attached to the system is not functioning.', None, 31)"
NodeMCU-PyFlasher-4.0-x64 doesn't start the flash process and serial port debugging tools cannot open the serial port which is indicated on device manager.
With the very same hardware configuration the communication with other WEMOS and NODEMCU devices I already have works just fine.
All six wemos devices I received from you are not working as they should...
Any solution to this?


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Scratch the above!
Solution found.
For some reason the chip on these devices needs newer driver to be installed.

So searching around on the internet for an updated driver I found that removing and reinstalling the driver by using v3.4 of driver the serial ports are working properly.
For anyone who is facing the same issue I'm attaching the driver package I used on this post. Remove The jpg extension to use the zip package (forums are not allowing me to upload zip file).


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Thanks. Had the same issue and resolved it using your post. 🙂

Driver can also be found here (replace xx):